There are so many extraordinary holidays. Yesterday was the international day of the somersault and tomorrow we will be celebrating the day of the paperclip. If these days are actually worth celebrating remains divided by disagreement. However, todays international holiday is a special one that we would like to celebrate with you: International Hamburger Day!

19th century’s food to go

Roasted beef with salad, fresh rolls and dip to go – far before the trend of the “to-go” era started: The invention of the burger was extremely handy and spread out extremely fast. But who invented the burger? And why did he actually call his invention “hamburger”? It is still unclear where the hamburger actually originated.

The hamburger – A German invention?

The first time a “hamburger style steak”, a specialty made out of ground beef, appeared was 1842 in an american cookbook. Regarding various sources, ground beef was a luxury item during the colonization. All ground beef was shipped from Europe via the port of Hamburg, which made the word Hamburg the synonym for ground beef. Other theories include a deli in Hamburg, Germany: The “Rundstueck Warm”, a wheat roll with a slice of meatloaf and gravy, was sold as the “Hamburg” at the world exhibition 1904 in St. Louis. The New York state however, sticks to the following genesis: The hamburger was invented in the city of Hamburg, Erie County in 1885.

What happened to the ham?

All these theories agree on at least one thing: The prefix “ham” has nothing to do with the english word for pork meat “ham”, even though the cheeseburger, fish burger or the chicken burger might lead to that assumption. The hamburger or short “burger”, is available in numerous vegetarian options as well. The hamburger is a regular item on most fastfood chain menus, and obtained great success in restaurants and cafes.

Practical: dining without a plate

It is not really important that nobody seems to know exactly why “The International Burger Day” is celebrated on May 28th or who eventually invented it. In conclusion we would like to wish you all a happy International Burger Day! Check out some burger creations

Bon appetite!