Human vs. Nature – This Earth Day is calling for a change.
Eat the Ball is ready for it! – Are you?

April 22nd is a day to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day is meant to make us reconsider our everyday consumption habits. – And it is much needed.

As this day is extremely important to us, our motto for this week will be dedicated entirely to Earth Day. We will provide you with information on how to decrease bread waste and information on product shelf life.

Interesting facts:

This is how you can make a change and support sustainability easily:

A bread with a long shelf life in combination with all natural ingredients is the key to avoiding bread waste and to providing the ever growing world population with healthy and nutritious food. Eat the Ball provides the solution for both!

At Eat the Ball, it is our goal to support sustainability through our innovative food production technology, pro.ferment.iced® and to secure a basic need, such as bread, for generations to come.

Coming next, is the introduction of our revolutionizing technology pro.ferment.iced®

Stay tuned & eat smart, feel good – celebrate the Earth Day!