Eat the Ball Athlete Michael Grabner just had some exciting days. A few days ago, the offense player switched from the New York Islanders to Toronto Canada - the home of ice hockey. He told us about his start at the Toronto Maple Leafs in an interview:

Hi Grabs! You’ve had some busy days, how are you and your family?

Michael Grabner: Yeah, a lot has happened the last few days. It’s been pretty stressful and we had a lot of stuff to get done. But things are moving along and hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

The New York Islanders traded you to the Toronto Maple Leafs a week ago – were you surprised?

Michael Grabner: I wasn’t really surprised. There were lot of speculations and rumors over the summer and obviously my agent talked to the team as well. So I was just waiting and seeing what’s going to happen.

New Team & new coach: What awaits you in the land where ice hockey originated?

Michael Grabner: I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and definitely different. This is one of the best organizations if not the best in the NHL and they’ve also added a lot of experienced and successful people to the front office and coach. So I am excited to see how it goes and what the season brings.
Is it difficult to adjust to a new team and line mates as an offense player?*

Michael Grabner: In our job there are always changes and you can change line mates during the year. It’s a little bit of an adjustment but you gotta figure it out quick. But the guys have been great and made me feel comfortable right away.

You had lots of injuries last season, are you 100% fit now?

Michael Grabner: Last year was tough with the injuries but right now I feel good and just gotta hope it stays that way.

In your first test game for Toronto you already had two assists in the 4:1 against the Senators. Are you happy with your start here in Canada?

Michael Grabner: I think the main focus right now is to get used to the systems and figure them out. Obviously it’s nice to get some points personally but I am trying to get used to my line mates and get back into the game mentally, so I am ready to go when the regular season starts.

Grabs, we wish you good luck for your new challenge! NO BALL NO GAME!