Happy World Bread Day! Today is World Bread Day and we’re celebrating it. With Eat the Ball®, the uniquely shaped, 100% natural bread and our team of athletes including David Alaba, Russell Wilson and Michael Grabner.

Bread from 100% Natural Ingredients and Extraordinary Shelf Life

With Eat the Ball® we’ve created a product that makes bread interesting and exciting. Its gentle production process pro.ferment.iced uses only the highest quality ingredients such as wheat flour, water, yeast, salt, malted barley flour and malted wheat flour, and sugar. In addition we’re only using real butter from Austria instead of industrial fats. With our decision to do without GMOs and artificial ingredients such as emulsifiers, colorings and flavorings, we guarantee highest quality from Austria and a 100% natural product.

So get the bread out of the freezer and look forward to some culinary fun. There are no taste limits of what you can cook up with Eat the Ball®. No matter is plain, savory or sweet – our bread is a culinary allrounder.

You can look through the Eat the Ball® Pro.Editions of David Alaba, Laurinho Walch and Michael Grabner and get inspired by the variety of recipes you can create with bread in shape of a football, soccer ball or hockey pucks!

Unique Product Benefits

Cool, easy-to-handle and natural – Eat the Ball® doesn’t only taste good pro.ferment.iced – the gentle Eat the Ball® production process guarantees the highest quality and the best possible taste.
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No Waste of Energy

In the future, efficiency and sustainability will become the key facts in the food industry. Clean energy at production, Non-GMO grains, 100% natural ingredients – Eat the Ball® respects all this at the production of the bread of a new generation and thus takes the lead in reducing bread waste and provide high quality bread to the people. The archaic food product bread becomes an innovative but natural high tech product.

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